• Winter brings a lot of luxuries such as new shoes, warm jackets and comfortable blankets. However, some important precautions need to be taken during winter if you are suffering from cold tooth pain. Teeth are sensitive to friction temperature, which subsequently makes patients uncomfortable to eat and drink anything hot or cold.

    In particular, tooth pain occurs due to tooth decay, irritable gums, ruptured enamels, or exposed cavities. At Nidhi Hospital Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad, our experienced and accomplished doctors specializes in offering dental treatment, which helps prevent the discomfort of eating and drinking when the temperature is cold outside.

    There are three primary causes of winter toothache, including:

    Tooth Sensitivity

    It is one of the most common dental problems, but it is also the root of any complex dental condition. Teeth sensitivity occurs when the tooth enamel is eroded, or the layers of its teeth are removed. Symptoms include throbbing pain while eating food and drinking hot or cold beverages or when exposed to cold weather.

    If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity symptoms visit our best hospital in Ahmedabad. Our dental team will investigate the root causes of sensitive teeth and control the growing complications such as decayed teeth, cavities, cracked teeth and infections.

    Cold Temperature

    People like to spend their holidays at altitude amidst nature and cold weather. But do you know Changes in atmospheric pressure can cause toothache. If you are suffering from toothache in cold weather, seek medical attention immediately as it indicates a dental infection or damaged tooth.Schedule your appointment with our specialist team, and they will tell you any signs and symptoms of dental health impairment.

    Dental Trauma

    Winter sports are fun, but they also tell you about the risk of winter toothache. While enjoying sports and games, make sure your teeth are protected and less exposed to the cold environment.Consult your dentist to recommend some over-the-counter medications and preventive tips to keep your teeth safe and shiny during the winter.

    To learn more about dental services and our full range of world class treatments, visit Nidhi Hospital (Dental Implant in Ahmedabad) website or schedule your appointment with our best dental team.

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