• Male and Female Infertility – Signs and Symptoms

    It isn’t always that only the females are subjected to infertility or only the males are subjected to infertility; both the gender can be equally affected with infertility and therefore, one must know the indications concerning how to know whether a male or female has infertility problems. There are some common signs that portray whether a male or female has infertility issues or not! Keep reading to know signs and symptoms.

    Male and Female Infertility – Signs and Symptoms

    Signs of female infertility:

    • Problems with getting pregnant
    • Irregular menstrual cycle
    • Heavy, long and painful periods
    • Hormonal changes
    • Obesity

    These are some common infertility symptoms of females. Aside from these, ovulation issues, infected uterus, unable to produce eggs, PCOS, unhealthy ovaries, endometriosis, infections in the internal reproductive organs, cysts, etc likewise count for the inability of females to give birth to a child.

    Signs of male infertility:

    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Issues with ejaculation
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Obesity

    These are some common indications of infertility in men. Aside from these, unhealthy sperm production, infection in the internal reproductive organs, premature ejaculation, less interested sexual desire, swollen testicles, etc additionally count for infertility in men.


    Despite the fact that these are some essential signs of male and female infertility, it isn’t likewise possible to pass judgment on their fertility by these indications until they are on the verge of conceiving. If an individual male and female fail to conceive or become pregnant even after attempting to get pregnant for almost a year with unprotected sexual intercourse then it can be assumed that either one or both of them have an issue with their fertility. They should counsel infertility specialists soon in such cases with the goal that they can be guided towards the best treatment and solutions for their condition.

    Once men and women learn what causes infertility, the most ideal way to treat it is for them to examine all the possible treatments and medications available with their primary care physician. From that point, they have to choose which sort of treatments, procedures, and even medications best serve their own situation. The infertility specialist normally runs tests to figure out which treatment will fit the women’s or the men’s specific condition. In some cases, drug medications are the only requirement. For some, surgery is the solution.

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